You Had Me at Gardening

Marijke Puts

Hi! I’m Marijke, although I go by Mari.

I’m a houseplant fanatic writer turned plant blogger with the launch of my houseplant-centered website Houseplant Central. Not surprising, since I grew up in a home that probably contained 50+ houseplants at all times! When I moved into my own first apartment I quickly realized something was missing, which marks the moment my personal obsession with greenery began.

Originally from The Netherlands, I now live in Spain, where I spend my days writing houseplant-related articles, answering questions and helping other indoor gardeners keep their green homes thriving. In my free time you can find me sipping coffee (or the occasional cocktail) on the balcony, out exploring nature and enjoying the advantages of a warm climate for succulent growing.

My favorite houseplants are the carnivorous species from the genera “Pinguicula” and “Drosera”, as well as anything massive enough to reach the ceiling. My most wanted plant is, therefore, an adult Philodendron selloum, while my proudest possessions are my homegrown avocado treelets. Grow, babies!

You Had Me at Gardening

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