You Had Me at Gardening

Florina Ionescu


Hi! My name is Florina and I’ve been a plant junkie for 4 years now. I love nature, hiking, reading, watching movies, and spending time with my friends and my cat. I’m also very enthusiastic about the World Wide Web – I think it’s an amazing source of info and a great channel for communication.

Which takes us to our mission. We want to teach you how to grow your own food, breathe cleaner air, and bring more life to your apartment or office while also getting into a therapeutic hobby.

Here’s a short Q&A so we can start to know each other better (feel free to use our Contact page to send us more questions!)

What’s your favorite plant?
I simply LOVE the Hoya genus – they look stunning and are a breeze to care for! Hoya Carnosa is probably my favorite species as it practically thrives on neglect!
What’s your white whale plant?
I’m currently obsessed with Haworthia Cooperi (especially the Crystal and Corazon varieties, but any one of them works, honestly!) I’ve searched local nurseries far and wide with no success so far, but I WILL get it someday.
The biggest challenge you faced while caring for your indoor garden?
My apartment completely lacks sunlight. I only get reflected light, which is heartbreaking since I absolutely love succulents. Luckily, I found an easy fix to this and started a small, but promising office garden with some of my coworkers in our sunny break room.
What’s a rule you always follow with your indoor garden?
I think a healthy plant is a happy plant, so I try my best to allow nature to take its course and avoid deadheading or other intrusive practices.


You Had Me at Gardening

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