“What flower am I?” As a passionate gardener, this question must have popped up in your mind at least once. We’re here to answer it through our fun and easy quiz!

Since plants are by far my biggest interest, I’ve researched info about plant species, genera, and families. I noticed they also react differently when exposed to a range of environments and stimuli. Just like people do!

Some like to show off to attract pollinators while others rely on wind pollination. Some love moist soil, others thrive in mostly dry conditions. Some wither when in direct sunlight, while others can’t do without it.

Well, you get the point.

The thing is, I’m also very passionate about psychology and self-improvement. So, I decided to have some fun and combine the two into one of the most accurate quizzes on this matter.

Therefore, I put together the well-known Myers-Briggs personality test with the information I researched about flowering plants along my gardening journey. This is the perfect test for someone into MBTI and gardening!

Without further ado, here’s our “What Flower Am I” Quiz!

flower quiz: what flower am i

A challenging and energizing conversation means:

When under pressure and in need of a new perspective, you first tend to:

In a professional environment, you’re most productive when:

When making plans to go out with friends, you’d rather:

If you had $1,000,000 to donate to a charity, you would choose:

You feel more tired after:

When making a decision, you rely more on:

How do you feel about rules?

How easy is it for you to get accustomed to a new workplace environment?

When in a conflict, it’s more important to:

When grocery shopping, you prefer to:

When dealing with an easy and repetitive task, you tend to:

What Flower Am I? Personality Quiz

Brutally honest and strong-willed, you aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But that’s okay with you, since you are discreet and kinda dislike being in the spotlight anyway. And you believe people deserving of your time and attention are exactly those who take the time needed to get to know you. Therefore, you might not be the most popular person in a group, but you’re definitely a heartwarming presence once people get to know you - not to mention an infinite source of interesting conversations and ideas. Those who take the time and put in the effort are rewarded tenfold with your unconditional support, soul-healing abilities, and at least one new and practical point of view. You are, in many ways, just like the lovely forget-me-nots - you don’t like to show off, dislike being in the spotlight (sunlight for them) and actually use this to handpick people to surround yourself with.
Camellia flower

Just like camellias, you prefer a bit of shade instead of being in the spotlight. You’re highly creative (even though you usually drastically underestimate this trait of yours) and have a soft spot for logic and exact sciences. You love exploring new ideas, even though most of them might be considered impractical by most of your peers. You might not be the most sociable flower out there, but that’s not because of a lack of interest in interpersonal relationships. More often than not, you find yourself drained after social events and prefer to be left alone, but you clearly see and feel the benefits of connecting with people. And you absolutely hate being told what to do. Camellias are kinda like that, too, since they really enjoy a rich, but well-draining soil that allows them to get as much nutrients as they need, but not an ounce more.

You’re a natural born leader that radiates confidence and authority. You’re also very practical and can thrive even in some of the most inhospitable environments - just like geraniums, which are some of the most resilient flowers out there. You set high, yet realistic targets for yourself and put in all efforts to achieve them - just like geraniums that are always chasing sunlight. In fact, when setting your mind to something, few things can make you back down. In fact, you have this rare talent of pulling others into your contagious excitement and getting stuff done - another thing you have in common with these beautiful flowers as they’re known for fighting against pests in an indoor garden.
Rainbow Hibiscus

There are few things you love more than a good debate - in fact, you’re one of the few people that can tirelessly argue for ideas you don’t believe in and have lots of fun while doing so. This also enables you to see a situation from all possible perspectives and (with some effort) can show empathy for all those involved in a conflict. Just like the stunning black rainbow hibiscus which takes on multiple colors at a time. However, your motivation for doing this isn’t necessarily to solve the conflict, but to gain insight, knowledge, and a stronger connection to the people around you and your environment. Just as your flower’s purpose isn’t to prettify your garden, but to attract pollinators and thrive.
Gardenia flower

When in your element, you’re one of the most delightful people to be around. You’re fun, loving, supportive, and overall a joy to hang out with and talk to. You can easily empathize with those around you, sometimes taking their own troubles and pain upon yourself. You often find yourself advocating for the rights of those around you, even when this goes against your short-term interest. However, just like a gardenia flower, you bruise extremely easily - which, paired up with your empathic personality, leads to needlessly intense pain and anguish. But that’s okay, because your greater goal is to create a harmonious environment in which people can thrive and freely express their thoughts and feelings.
Chocolate Cosmos Flower

One of the most misunderstood people out there, you’re an idealist and strongly driven towards making the world a better place. You most value beauty, virtue, morality, and compassion and are quite content with your priorities. Even if you thrive in environments that value new ideas and opinions no matter where they come from (like warm summer months), you are flexible and can (more or less) do well in most settings. You most likely enjoy fiction and can truly appreciate one’s pure and noble intent, even when things go south in the end. Just like the chocolate cosmos flower, your personality type is quite rare, but a joy to have around.

Inspiring, devoted, and confident, you’re one of the few truly charismatic people out there. At your best, you can motivate, open hearts and minds, and spark joy and excitement in those around you. But the opposites are just as valid when you’re feeling down. Just like snowdrops are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, you’re most likely to take matters into your own hands and assume a leadership position, especially when everyone else shies away from such responsibilities. Although generally very altruistic and invested in others’ wellbeing, your optimism might sometimes become a burden for those around you as you tend to push them further than they can or should go.

Primroses symbolize youth, love, and freedom - and these are some of your most poignant traits. You’re a free spirit who values independence and tends to seek excitement instead of security and stability. You also have great respect for those who are brave enough to follow their dreams and defend what they believe in. You highly value interpersonal relationships and connecting with people, feeling energized after spending time with your peers. You also understand the importance of naming and discussing feelings with those you trust and can 100% be there for your friends when they need you. Empathy and courage are the most defining traits when talking about your interactions.

You always get what you aim for and don’t really know the meaning of impossible - in fact, you take that as a challenge. You don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do and actually find these assumptions limiting instead of practical. You also dislike making assumptions and would rather make a decision after going through all the facts - which, by the way, are top priority for you. You generally dislike conflict and do as much as you can to avoid it. However, you can be as fierce as one gets and great danger awaits those who mess with you, betray you, or disappoint you. Contrary to the popular belief, this doesn’t happen because you’re insensitive - on the contrary, you sometimes feel too much, too intensely. In many ways, you’re just like a fierce, yet sensitive borage flower. It symbolizes courage, which you have plenty of, but also peace and tranquility, which are of great importance for people with your personality type.

You’re a true believer in the good nature of people and value kindness, generosity, and fairness. Although quiet and private most of the time, you develop strong and often times long-lasting connections with those around you. And you most likely give awesome gifts! You love helping people and go out of your way to make people happy and/or get the job done. However, you sometimes tend to underestimate your own achievements and merits, which causes stronger personalities to take advantage of you. While humility is a great quality to have, it can sometimes work against you and this is probably the most important thing you should work on. The second most important would probably be saying no when you’re feeling it. Why you got echinacea, you might ask? Because this flower has been used for centuries to treat ailments such as inflammation, pain, soreness, and even poisoning. It’s just as soothing to the body as you are to the souls of those around you.
Flame lily

You’re a natural born leader who doesn’t back away from taking on responsibilities and tackle even the most challenging tasks with ease. Generally very aware of your surroundings, you can read a room like few others and you’re one of the most charismatic people in a given group. In your view, sticking to your principles is one of the most important things in life, which might make you seem rigid at times; however, it’s generally what also enables you to get stuff done. In an office setting, you probably are among the most reliable employees and can handle pressure with ease; but you expect this to be reciprocated by your coworkers and have a hard time understanding that different people have different needs, visions, and work habits, which can become counterproductive at times. Nonetheless, you almost always land on your feet and help your team do the same. You’re always put together - you understand that image is important and don’t shy away from using it to your advantage. This is why your flower is the flame lily. You’re both stunning to look at and don’t shy away from using all your assets and energy to get a job done.

You’re one of the most popular and charismatic in any given group. You love a good win and thrive when you’re in the spotlight, yet you’re also one of the most altruistic individuals one might ever meet. You respect hierarchy and authority and expect others to do the same, which can lead to frustration and tension at times. However, you quickly bounce back and do your best to restore the group’s dynamics. You’re a spiritual person that prioritizes harmony and seeks enlightenment. Not really down-to-earth, but that’s okay - dreamers like you lift up the spirits when all’s gloomy and seems to go downhill. Loyalty and devotion are the most defining traits of your personal relationships, be them romantic or not. This is why your most defining flower is the lotus - it symbolizes peace, harmony, spirituality, and enlightenment - and while you might not be the most religious person out there (or, maybe you might not be religious at all), you definitely have a strong attraction to spiritual awakening. “I have a love for the Lotus, while growing in mud it still remains unstained.” - Confucius

A strong believer that first-hand experience and trial & error are the best ways to explore, learn, and improve ideas and processes, you’re one of the most mechanically-inclined people out there. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, you are often seen as enigmatic and you’re definitely unpredictable. You’re very private, yet friendly to those around you, which might be seen as sending off mixed signals. However, your true nature is based on fairness. You tend to assume that others think and act the same way as you do and this is often times your main source of unhappiness. So why the passionflower? Because it’s a great example of nature’s amazing engineering skills, and a great metaphor for your personality due to its multi-layered design.

Sensitive and sometimes appearing shy, you’re very very receptive to changes of energy in those around you - for this reason, some might even call you a sensor! People like you generally live in the moment, even when introspecting - they don’t like to spend too much time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You can easily empathize with those around you, sometimes going as far as taking their own troubles and pain upon yourself. You value harmony in your interpersonal relationships, yet at the same time, you love testing and pushing the limits of social norms; however, few understand you do so only because you love experimenting and get your energy from social connections and exploring new ideas. In addition, you have a very well developed sense of aesthetics - which is why your flower is the fabulous fuchsia, always standing out in an indoor garden. Your spontaneity is another trait you share with fuchsia since no two flowers on this plant are exactly the same. And, most importantly, just as they love sunshine, you love being in the spotlight!

Very perceptive and enthusiastic, you have one of the most sociable personalities out there. Your energy lifts up the mood and motivates those around you like few others can, and your ability to read a room, paired up with your quick wit and high level of intelligence, make charisma your strongest suit. When faced with a problem, you tend to take action instead of carefully weighing your options, which makes you a great action man, but this doesn’t always end well since sometimes carefully analyzing and planning goes a long way. Even though you’re the type of person who would do great in a corporate setting, you tend to dislike limitations imposed by rules and organized environments, and this sometimes extends to social norms, as well. A rebel at heart, you’re also prone to risky behaviors, sometimes taking open mindedness to a whole new level. So why proteas? Because just as these beautiful flowers thrive in that rocky, acidic, and poor soil that seems to kill off garden decor, you obviously thrive in environments that are tough to tolerate for other types of people and know how to take the best out of them.

One of the most spontaneous, social, and cheerful people out there, you’re like a ray of sunshine that lifts up the spirits in any setting. Soft skills are definitely your strongest suit. You get most of your energy from socializing, entertaining, and being in the spotlight. However, what lifts you up the most is leaving people in a better mood than when you found them. You have a strong aesthetic sense and are often times the most fashionable person in a group. However, when making choices, you often prioritize pleasure and fun; therefore, you might not be seen as the most rational, prudent, or down-to-earth, but that’s okay - dreamers like you lift up the spirits when all’s gloomy and seems to go downhill. Other huge advantages that come with your personality type are great flexibility and optimism, which make you a true people’s person. These, together with the aforementioned traits, suggest sunflowers are your closest floral relatives. Just as they follow the sun as the day goes by, you are attracted to the spotlight like a moth to a flame, and definitely know how to work it!

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9 thoughts on “What Flower Am I? The Best Botanical Personality Quiz

  • i got here via a google search because i couldn’t remember what lithops are called (“the ones that look like rocks and don’t flower very often” is not a useful name), but i have a weakness for personality quizzes. and then you threw the MBTI in there, so i was compelled. i’m so curious about the match-ups between flowers and types, whether there’s a one-to-one correlation or if it’s more broad. i’m an INFJ and i got forget-me-nots, which is pretty accurate as far as i can tell. it’s hard to judge one’s own level of heartwarmingness, you know? but the first three and a half sentences are spot on.

    • Hi Tree! We are happy you enjoyed out personality quiz! Fun fact, our colleague Andreea also got forget-me-nots, so we are all in good company 🙂 Come back for more plant advice and fun stuff like this!

  • hi there! this quiz is really succinct and well thought out! I’ve taken it for myself (Fuchsia is spot on) and now I’m taking it repeatedly for some original characters for a game I’m writing—and it’s proving accurate over and over. a quality quiz, thank you for making it!

  • I’m an INFJ and I got sunflower! I wonder what are the MBTIs for each flower as forementioned in the quiz? So so so curious

    • Hi Yo-yo! I’m glad you like your results! To find out what the other MBTIs have as flowers, why don’t you share this quiz with your friends and see how they do? It’s fun and you will both get some fun facts to use later!

  • Thank you so much. I thoroughly loved the quiz. I am an INFP and I got Chocolate Cosmos Flower. The description too was very accurate. Thanks a lot. And my best wishes to the entire team

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