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Easy Fruits To Grow To Always Have Fresh And Handy

Nothing can compare to fresh fruit, picked from the stem. Here are some easy fruits to grow to have that fresh taste every time!

The How And Why Of Easy Fruits To Grow

If you are here, you are here, you are no doubt wondering either why on earth would someone grow their own fruit, or how can someone do that in the limited space of an apartment or a small urban garden. Well, here are your answers! Grow fruit because they are delicious and fresh and because you can! Put fruit bushes or even trees in a pot and grow them indoors or outdoors, depending on the space. Here are some suggestions of fruit you can start with, along with a short description and care tips.

Easy Fruits To Grow Indoors

1. Strawberries

Strawberries are showy and relatively easy to grow. We talked about them as small indoor plants, but they are, undoubtedly, fruit. You can grow them in a pot of rich, well-drained soil that you have to keep moist but not soaking. For fruit to appear, you should also help them pollinate with a small, clean brush, and give them plenty of light. It’s best you get strawberries as seedlings from a local gardening store and look for day-neutral kinds, to avoid having to provide too much light. Pick the fruit when they are ripe and come off the stem easily, then prune any yellow leaves and extra stems.


2. Lemons

It may take years before you can pick your home-grown lemons from your own lemon tree, but with enough patience and care, you will have the best ones around! Here are more tips and tricks on lemon tree care indoors, and outdoors if you want to move your potted tree. In short, lemon trees need plenty of light, rich, sandy soil, and constant watering in small increments. You can grow your own lemon tree from seeds or you can buy seedlings at your local gardening store. Keep in mind that this is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly, and that lemon trees grow quite tall.


3. Easy fruits to grow indoors: Figs

Figs are sweet, delicious, and great for digestive health. They are also an important component in many oriental desserts and they are great as dried fruit too. And there are no better figs than the ones you pick from the tree, split open with your fingers, and eat on the spot. Bring that feeling to your home along with the sweet smell and taste of exotic fruit by growing a little fig tree in your house! It will need plenty of sun, little water, sandy soil, and a warm environment.


4. Gooseberries

These berries are related to currants, but are usually used unripe, when they are sour. This brings out their particular flavors and makes them a great component of sauces and side dishes. Grow them in rich, well-draining soil, full of organic matter. Keep their soil moist and give them plenty of indirect light or filtered sun. Remember that gooseberries like to climb and plan accordingly, allowing them some space upwards and supporting the stems. Pick the green berries when they are about the size of a large grape and use them as you like!


5. Easy fruits to grow: Apples

Is an apple tree inside a strange thought for you? Well, don’t be too surprised! Apple trees make great bonsais and they often produce full-sized apples. You can find a seedling or a small tree at garden stores or at home decoration stores, but you can grow your own and train it as you like. It will need a deep pot with strong, fertile soil, and some slow-release fertilizer. Water occasionally, allow the top two inches of soil to dry before watering again, and give it direct sun. Prune to the desired shape and be when your tree blooms, dust lightly with a brush to pollinate. You need patience for these guys to give you apples, but they are fun to work with and the reward is worth it!


Easy Fruits To Grow In The Garden

6. Raspberries and Blackberries

These perennial shrubs are incredibly easy to look after, especially if you want them to grow wild. The biggest issue is keeping the shrubs in check, so they don’t spread to every inch of your garden. These shrubs thrive in partial shade, but the berries need some sun to ripen. An east-facing wall would be the perfect spot for them to grow. Water the roots occasionally or just let the rain do its job. Fertilize with a weak fertilizer and cut off the dead branches in late fall or early winter. Other than that, let the shrubs do their thing and enjoy the berries!


7. Easy fruits to grow: Grapes

When thinking of grapes, we usually think about large vineyards with rows upon rows of vines. That’s not necessary though! You can grow a single root in a spot in your garden and either trim it aggressively to keep it bush-shaped, or make an arch or a design out of it with some support. Be careful with dropping down grapes if you have pets, because grapes are toxic to cats and dogs. Otherwise, some kinds of vines can be ignored and they will produce delicious grapes nonetheless!


8. Peaches

Peaches, nectarines, apricots… anything in this family is a great addition to your yard. A single, small tree can produce enough yummy fruit to enjoy as they ripen or to make at least one jar of jam. And you can pride yourself with the results! Not only that, but peaches bear fruit very young, a tree as young as three years old will give you some fruit. You can get baby trees in spring and fall at gardening stores and nurseries, and you can plant them already grafted! You need to fertilize once a year with slow-release organic fertilizer and water deeply about once a week.


9. Currants (black or red)

These berry-like fruits are a great base for meat sauces and sour jams, as well as syrups and alcoholic drinks. Plant them in bushes you can find as seedlings at a gardening store, but you can also multiply them from cuttings. Just cut off a healthy branch and leave it in water until it sprouts roots. Then plant in a partially sunny spot with some rooting hormone and water sparsely. Pick the currants when they are still firm and use them as you like, then prune the bushes in mid-fall. You might need to provide some support after a few years.


10. Easy fruits to grow: Cherries

You don’t just plant cherry trees for the cherries. In fact, these fruits are just a bonus to the beautiful flowers cherry trees produce. They flower in late winter and early spring with delicate, pink flowers. Then, if they don’t freeze, they will produce sweet cherries that will ripen in June or July. Plant an already grafted seedling in a sunny to partly sunny spot and water abundantly the first time. It will need fertilization once a year and water once a week or so. Just like peach trees, cherry trees need some pruning to ensure a rich harvest.


Before You Go…

Let us know what easy fruits to grow you plan on taking on! Why those, where do you plan on planting them, spill all the tea on your gardening plans. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have in the comments section below! We are always ready and happy to help. Happy gardening!

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