Jade plant care is not difficult, as long as you nail the basics. The following guide shares all the necessary information to help your jade plant thrive!

Jade plant care guide Jade Plant Light Requirements

Jade plants like sunlight and should get 4 hours of direct sun daily.

If you don’t have such a sunny spot in your home, your Jade plant will still grow, but slowly.

One of my favorite things about jade plant care is that it doesn’t etiolate in lower light conditions as most succulents do.

Jade plants do not like the cold, so it is best not to place them near a drafty window.

old jade tree plant with many leavesHow Often to Water Jade Plant?

Since jade is a succulent, it tolerates low wateringparticularly during winter.

In winter, the plant can be watered only every three weeks or so, depending on the dryness of your house.

During the growing season in summer, however, the indoor Jade plant should be watered weekly and possibly more if the plant pot is placed outside.

If the first couple of inches of soil are dry, it’s time for a drink!

jade plant care crassula ovata

Jade Plant Care: Soil

Soil is what makes or breaks a plant, so it’s an important subject in our jade plant care guide.

Jade plants do best in commercial soil prepared for cacti and succulents.

Most important is that the soil drains quickly.

The plant’s roots are shallow and do not like to be sitting in wet earth.

Jade Plant Care: Fertilization

A water-soluble fertilizer can be applied every few months, if desired.

Jade Plant Propagation

A cut leaf can be stuck into soil or a stem can be cut, slightly dried, and then planted in cactus soil.


4 hours of direct sunlight / day


well-draining commercial soil


low, every three weeks

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  • why it’s important to let your plants go dormant in the winter.
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