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How To Hang Plants From The Ceiling In 4 Easy Ways

So, you've decided to create a suspended green corner, but you don't know how to hang plants from the ceiling? Have a look and find out!

The Pros Of Hanging Plants From The Ceiling

Hanging your potted plants can be a great solution for small spaces. You aren’t covering your windowsills or floor space with flowers and at the same time, you get some green in your room. This can be as much a practical choice as it is an aesthetic one, as suspended pots leave the line of sight clear.

Besides, with the right hanging plants, you can create curtains and visually separate areas of your house. For example, a few hanging pots can separate your kitchen from the living room. And if the pots receive enough light, you can even grow herbs for bonus fresh condiments!

Method 1: Hooks

You will need: 

  • Drill
  • Hook kit
  • Drill bit (slightly smaller than the bolt of the hook)

How To:

This is the go-to method for most people, but it can be messy. It is clearly the sturdiest, but it requires the most equipment too. Mark the spot on your ceiling where you want your pot to hang. Use the drill to drill the hole for the hook. If you are drilling into drywall, make sure the hook comes with toggles as well. Put the toggles on the bolt of the hook and push them both in the hole. Twist to ensure a secure fit. And you’re done, you can hang your plant now!

Method 2: How To Hang Plants From The Ceiling Without Drilling

You will need:

  • Adhesive hooks
  • Alcohol swabs

How To:

This is a great method to hang plants if you don’t want to drill or if you aren’t allowed to drill holes. Mark the spot where you want your pot to hang. Wipe the area down with an alcohol swab and let it dry, then peel the paper off the sticky bit of the hook and stick. Press against it for a few seconds and you’re done! Remember that you cannot hang too-heavy pots with this method and that in time, your pot might pull the hook off the ceiling. Check it regularly! For bigger pots, you can use three hooks set in a triangle around the spot you want your pot and tie it to all three of them. This method goes great with macrame plant hangers, as you can easily split the top into three!

Method 3: Tension Rods

You will need: 

  • tension rods with mobile or angled ends
  • a corner
  • kitchen hooks

How To: 

Use this method to hang plants that prefer low light conditions because you will put them in the shadow from at least two sides. Find the right corner and mount the tension rods as per the instructions in the pack. Most use a twist-to-tighten method. Once in place, place a kitchen hook on it and hang your pot! You can use multiple tension rods and even hang more pots on a single one to create a small but lush vertical garden. Keep in mind the plants need to be able to breathe so don’t crowd them too much. It’s better to use two corners than crowd one and wonder what is wrong with your plants.

Method 4: How To Hang Indoor Plants

You will need:

  • The right kind of house
  • Rope or thick string

How To:

If your house has any kind of exposed, floating beam, the kind you find in lofts and cabins, all you need is some rope to tie around it. Leave about two fingers worth of room between the beam and the rope. Use the hook the plant hanger came with or ignore it and simply tie the rope through the arms. And presto, your plants are happily suspended indoors! Since this is likely to be your bedroom, use this space to hang some plants that clean the air so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. Also, keep an eye on the light and water needs of these plants!

Tips And Tricks

Here are a few useful tips you can use when you hang plants from the ceiling. These work great for suspending anything, from picture frames to shower caddies, so save them for later as well!

  1. Drill with a vacuum cleanerWhen drilling any kind of hole in a wall, and especially in the ceiling, be prepared for dust. Use a vacuum cleaner positioned right under the drill to absorb most of that for minimal cleaning. This method may need an extra pair of hands, but it will save you from finding dust everywhere – including in your lungs.
  2. Remove grease from the areaThis is what the alcohol swabs mentioned with method 2 are for. Grease will prevent the adhesive from sticking properly and the tension will pull the pot down in time. Even if it seems like the area is clean, your hands leave a residue that needs to be wiped away for best results.
  3. Measure well before buying

Make sure the tension rods you use are the right size for your corner. Too short and you can extend them a little, but if they are too long there’s nothing you can do. So check well before buying any fixed item.

4. Get creative

Play with the flowers you use and with their arrangements! Have fun with the shapes, colors, and positioning of these plants and create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Try not to hang them all in a line, and use mismatching pots for extra flair!

5. Keep an eye on the pots

Use draining pots, unless you are planning on hanging something like air plants or succulents. Make sure the hanger comes with a water collection plate, or add one yourself, to avoid spilling water on your floors. Go for sturdy plastic pots instead of ceramic, as they are lighter.

To Wrap Up…

What method that we suggested on how to hang plants from the ceiling you think is best for you? What plants will you suspend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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